Injectables and Fillers

Medical aesthetics utilizes many approaches in the art of facial and body rejuvenation.

In order to obtain the results that best meet your needs, it is important to discuss the options available to you with your healthcare provider.

Botox® Injection Treatment

The use of Botox®, a therapeutic muscle relaxing agent, is a popular and safe non-surgical cosmetic procedure used to reduce or eliminate facial wrinkles that are caused by muscle contractions. The goal of a Botox® injection is not to keep patients from expressing themselves but simply to keep them from making facial grimaces and frowns that have become habits. Botox® does not paralyze facial muscles, although with extreme amounts it may. When administered in the correct dose, it results in limited or relaxed muscle contractions resulting in reduced or eliminated frown lines, wrinkles, crows feet, neckbands, etc. When the Botox® procedure is performed correctly, most people other than trained cosmetic surgeons, will not notice that it has been done. Patients will usually require re-injections after 3 months and depending on the size and strength of a patient’s facial muscles.

Restylane® Injections

Facial injection treatments using the dermal filler Restylane®, are used to smooth deep wrinkles, sculpt lips and improve other facial features with results that are more lasting than collagen dermal fillers. Restylane® treatments have been found to be particularly effective for use around the mouth and nose and to fill in acne scars. Of particular benefit, Restylane® treatments can last six months or more. The amount of Restylane® that is used depends upon the degree of correction that is desired. Since Restylane® does not contain lidocaine, the injections are often administered using local anesthesia.


Juvederm® is used to improve a patient’s appearance by lifting and increasing volume to wrinkles and folds in the facial area to be treated. It is a gel implant that augments and bolsters the elasticity of the skin to provide a smooth and supple look. The Juvederm® gel is injected deeply into the dermis (subsurface skin layer containing connective tissue, nerve endings, sweat and oil glands, and blood vessels), and supplements the body’s natural hyaluronic acid that is depleted by the aging process. One of the main advantages of Juvederm® is its pliant gel consistency. This provides an improved, smoother and more natural appearance than results obtained from earlier more rigid dermal fillers. The treatment lasts for up to six to nine months and can last even longer if there is a follow-up treatment a few weeks after the initial treatment.