Laser Cosmetic Services

Laser hair removal

Laser hair removal is a painless medical procedure that uses light from a laser to remove unwanted hair by destroying hair follicles (where hair growth starts). As the laser light passes through the skin and strikes the hair follicles, the intense heat instantly destroys them. More darkly pigmented hair responds best to the laser, while hair that is lighter can be less responsive. For patients with lighter hair, topical medications may be used to increase the sensitivity of the hair to the laser light. For many patients, laser hair removal results in slowed hair re-growth. It does not guarantee permanent hair removal but does provide hair-free periods that can range from months to years. Generally speaking, up to three or more laser treatments are needed to provide more permanent results.

Laser skin rejuvenation

  • Reduces facial wrinkles and fine lines
  • Treats sun damage, including age spots and brown pigmentation
  • Improves rosacea, broken blood vessels, red and blue facial veins
  • No recovery time, return to activities immediately
  • Safe for face, chest, neck and hands - anywhere sun damage shows

Enhanced Skin Rejuvenation is a gentle laser treatment for wrinkles and sun damage. This no-downtime procedure is appropriate for the face but also for the chest, neck and hands – anywhere that sun damage shows. Enhanced Skin Rejuvenation is a non-ablative, non-invasive procedure – the surface of the skin is not damaged or removed. The gentle lasers correct pigmentation irregularities and encourage new collagen growth to smooth out existing facial wrinkles.

Our enhanced skin rejuvenation process uses the Laserscope Aura-i™ and Lyra-i™ lasers. When used at the proper settings, these lasers are safe for most skin types and colors. Most patients feel minimal discomfort during the procedure. A topical anesthetic can be applied to make the treatment more comfortable.

 Following the treatment we recommend a sun block for daily wear. Make-up can be applied immediately after treatment and you can resume normal activities. Many patients schedule their treatments over lunch and return to work right after. There may be some slight redness or swelling for a few hours or, on rare occasions, a few days.

Darker pigments and freckles may get darker after the initial treatment and flake off in a few days. Because the lasers reduce wrinkles by encouraging new collagen growth, wrinkle improvement is gradual. You will generally begin to note wrinkle improvement nine to twelve weeks after your initial treatment. Enhanced skin Rejuvenation typically uses two laser wavelengths in each treatment session. Each session takes about 30 to 45 minutes depending on the size of the treatment area.

Aging is progressive. The wrinkles and sun damage that are visible today were often caused years before. Care should be taken to wear sun block so no new sun damage can occur. Additionally, new wrinkles cannot necessarily be stopped from appearing. However, the laser's encouragement of new collagen growth should help slow the appearance of new wrinkles.

Enhanced Skin Rejuvenation is a wonderful, cost-effective alternative for patients who want a more youthful appearance without needles, cosmetic surgery or weeks of recovery time.

Sclerotherapy for leg spider/varicose veins

Sclerotherapy involves the injection of small amounts of chemical solution through a tiny needle directly into the faulty vein. The chemical irritates the vein wall, causing it to close and eliminate trapped blood. Sclerotherapy is commonly considered the gold-standard for spider vein treatment and has been in use for many years. In experienced hands, it is generally a safe and effective vein treatment. Depending on the extent of veins treated, multiple sclerotherapy sessions may be needed to achieve full clearance.

 The advantage of sclerotherapy is the speed with which large spider veins can be treated. The technique is also very economical. For those patients who suffer from relatively limited disease, we also offer laser treatment for spider veins.